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The cannabis industry has grown significantly over the last few years. As more states look to legalize medical and recreational use, more jobs will continue to open. These positions need qualified people to fill them. If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, you may have considered a job in the industry at least once. There are so many cannabis careers out there, though. How do you know what to choose? If you’re looking into possible cannabis careers, here’s what you might want to study to find the perfect position.



‌A degree in agriculture can provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills you’ll need to manage every aspect of managing a farm – planting, irrigation, equipment, indoor and outdoor growing techniques, and more. Your education can even prepare you for ensuring optimal yields and higher potency plants. 


If you’re looking to open your own cannabis business, a degree in business could be invaluable. While the industry is booming, there are all kinds of unique challenges when it comes to cannabis, including taxation, regulations, logistics, and more. A business degree can provide you with the education you need to run a successful business while also managing these added complications. 


Cannabis businesses need marketing experts. They’re the ones who effectively communicate messages with consumers and attract sales. One might think that cannabis would sell itself, but there’s already a considerable amount of competition. Businesses need to set themselves apart. With a marketing degree, you would be able to help these businesses achieve their goals by identifying key demographics, coming up with new ways of positioning, and creating positive brand associations and authority. 

Culinary Arts

The edibles market has grown substantially. Today, you’ll find a whole range of foods and drinks infused with cannabis, and new products are appearing regularly. If the world of edibles excites you, a degree in culinary arts may be the way to go. While you will need to learn the fine art of infusing for optimal dosing, a background in cooking or baking can help to set you on the path to becoming an edibles chef.


While not a specialized degree, biology could come in handy in the cannabis industry, especially if you focus on botany, genetics, or environmental quality. A biology degree could also provide you with enough knowledge about human anatomy and physiology that you could get into cannabis research. 


A degree in chemistry could also be beneficial if you want to get into the research side of things. It may also be a requirement if you want to get into the field of creating extracts and concentrates. An understanding of the chemistry of cannabis and the chemistry of the human body could help to set you on many different career paths. 


Believe it or not, some colleges are now offering degrees in cannabis studies. These degrees are a mix of chemistry, biology, horticulture, marketing, finance, and more. You’ll get a good education in various aspects of the industry, giving you what you need to succeed.

Cannabis Careers Are Abundant

If you’re looking to pursue a career in cannabis, investing in the appropriate education may be necessary. With the right skills and training, you’ll give yourself what you need to secure a career path you’re sure to excel at and enjoy.