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One of the greatest advancements of the cannabis industry has been the explosion of cannabis-infused edibles into a welcoming marketplace. Long gone are the dry and deadly brownies of the past. Modern-day cannabis edibles are meticulously formulated and consistent for precise dosing, leading many to use edibles for anxiety.

Science hasn’t concluded one way or the other about the effects of cannabis on anxiety. However, that hasn’t stopped the influx of people searching for relief at the local dispensary. There, they’ll be introduced to cannabis-infused edibles that can deliver a variety of benefits.

Edibles for Anxiety Deliver Benefits

The biggest benefit cannabis edibles can provide is their low dose formulations. Many of the edible brands feature 3mg-5mg-10mg doses, which enables the practice of titration to achieve the perfect effect. These small doses also allow for micro-dosing. The ability to build up to the optimal dose of cannabis “to titrate” is a reason that people are drawn to edibles for anxiety. 

Next is the variety. Cannabis edibles are the most prolific of cannabis products. Consumers can find candy, mints, gummies, pastries, beverages, tinctures, strips, and sprays that have been infused with top-quality cannabis oil. No matter what your jam is there’s an edible for that jam. The selection conveniently speaks to the needs of people who seek relief from a variety of ailments including anxiety.

Won’t Cannabis Give Me Anxiety?

It’s definitely possible to eat too much THC and become anxious. That’s why it’s important to start with a small dose, or better yet, a CBD rich formula. An edible formula rich in CBD will provide all of the healing benefits of cannabis without the euphoria that can be associated with THC. The best formulations include CBD and THC because that enables the compounds to work together for an entourage effect. Even the smallest amount of THC allows for this chemical reaction to transpire and result in a much better outcome. 

Edibles differ from other forms of cannabis dosing because they can take up to 2 hours to take effect. The edible has to travel the length of the digestive system before it enters the bloodstream. This is where people often get into trouble. They take more when they don’t feel the effects right away, ultimately becoming “too high.” This can be avoided by “starting low and going slow.” A pro tip is to keep a bottle of CBD only oil on hand for times when the THC high is too intense since CBD completely counteracts the psychoactive properties of THC. Another thing to consider is using a sublingual formula that can take effect within fifteen minutes.

relax with cannabisCan Cannabis Edibles Help?

Sales indicate that consumers are betting on cannabis edibles to help them with their life-style and well-being needs, even though science lags with any real findings. Edibles have the potential to have relaxing effects on the mind and body because of their cannabinoid make up. They are discreet and precisely formulated to promote system balance. Moreover, edibles are more than a tasty treat, they are a popular way of relieving stress and anxiety for those that get results.

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