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Did you know that cannabis can help you be healthier? Stress has a huge impact on your health, but a little relaxation can go a long way. Here we will explore the best concentrates for stress relief.

Why stress relief is important

The autonomic nervous system controls how revved up or chilled out our bodies are. The sympathetic nervous system is responsible for our fight, flight, or freeze response and the parasympathetic nervous system is in control when we rest and digest. A balance of these systems is important for health and happiness, but most of us are practically living in the fight, flight, or freeze mode.

According to Mathew Walker, Ph.D., author of Why We Sleep, staying in a tense, stressed-out mode without enough relaxation and sleep can increase our chances of obesity, heart disease, stroke, dementia, and all-cause mortality. 

To live longer, work in some relaxation! 


Relaxation techniques

How someone relaxes is very personal. Some people take deep breaths or meditate. Others take a bath. Still, others practice yoga, crafting, or other hobbies. For some people, relaxation doesn’t come as easily. For everyone, there are times when stress relief is necessary, but time is short. That’s when supplements and cannabis can be a lifesaver.

Cannabis for stress relief

Most people experience a full-body high, encouraging deep relaxation with Indica strains. These are recommended for people dealing with less chronic stressors, like a bad day, and would like a relaxing evening.

Sativas have more of a head high. They can increase creativity and energy. These strains can help you cope with more chronic stress, like anxiety, depression, or a long, drawn-out, terrible task, like moving. Too much Sativa can sometimes make these situations worse though. 

Let’s look at the best picks for stress relief.

Best concentrates for stress relief

  • Flo

Flo gives relaxing and uplifting effects. From the parents of Purple Thai and an Afghani Indica, Flo will get you through the day in an uplifting way. Try this concentrate when you need to study or do chores.

  • Wedding Crasher

Wedding Crasher will help you put minor stressors in perspective. This hybrid combines vanilla and grape flavors that will leave you feeling happy and energetic without sedative effects. This is a great choice if you have stuff to get done.

  • Strawberry Snow Cone

Strawberry Snow Cone is a good choice for a day off. Obviously, it has a sweet strawberry flavor. It produces a relaxed creative high, but won’t make you nod off. This is what you want for a creative project or want to daydream.

  • Suver Haze

Suver Haze is the concentrate you pick up when you are just done with everything and everyone. While the other three concentrates recommended are great for daytime use, Suver Haze is specifically recommended for nighttime use. This strain will make you sleepy.

Final Thoughts

Every person gets a slightly different effect from the same strain, but these are a good place to start depending on what kind of stress you are dealing with. Start here and then talk to your cannabis expert at Buzz Delivery to find something perfect for you.